Obama Most Militaristic President US Has Ever Seen

Barak Obama placed Russia second on the list of new global dangers, with ISIS coming in third. What kind of rhetoric is that and why would the US President opt to revive the Cold War customs? Radio VR is discussing the subject with US historian and author William Blum and US political analyst Paul Craig Roberts.

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Who supplies the paints for colour revolutions?

Who supplies the paints for colour revolutions?

Chinese authorities suspect the United States in the organization of the protest movement «Occupy Central», which organizes mass protests in Hong Kong since the June. It is scarcely they can rise the revolution in mainland China, but the Hong Kong is a convenient area for rehearsals.

Under the guise of democracy is very convenient to commit a coups. Struggle of everything good against of all bad is a nice pretext to overthrow governments by people’s hands in those countries where the US have their geopolitical interests. In Ukraine, people also were gathered at the Democratic rally, then «unknown snipers» shot both demonstrators and police. If the situation in Hong Kong will reach an impasse then very likely the same technology with ‘‘unknown snipers’’ will be used to provoke a burst of indignation and further escalation of protests.

Together with Russia, China is a rival of the United States, which are desperately fights for leadership in the world. Both countries prevents the achievement by the United States of their geopolitical goals.

This is not the last mass disorders in China and Hong Kong. The US will try to destabilize situation as maximum as possible not only in this region but also in countries of BRICS and Turkey, where we may soon hear about another «pro-democratic» rallies or even acts of terror in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Unfortunately, ordinary people are just a pawns in geopolitical games of the United States and its ideology of world domination.