Poland will mobilize militia against «Russian threat»

Residents of Eastern Poland are seriously concerned that their cities may share its fate with Lugansk and Donetsk. Therefore, they want to organize their own military units of National Defence, – says niezalezna.pl

On the place of Poles I would become anxious not of supposed «Russian threat» but what they will do when hundreds of Ukrainian neo-nazi («Banderovits») will arrive to them. Those nazi, whose ancestors in 1943 brutally killed 80 thousands of Poles in Volhynian slaughter. Ordinary Poles remember this, but their government seems prefer to afraid the alleged «Russian threat»

Opinion of Poles about situation on the Eastern Ukraine is quite significant, since it reflects the common opinion of most people in western countries, where almost all media informs about Russian invasion on Ukraine, i.e. Ukrainian army fights with Russian troops, but not with the militia of local residents. It is known that above mentioned cities, as well as other cities of Eastern Ukraine, are regularly shelled that result in mass casualties of residents and large-scale destructions of local infrastructure. Blame for these crimes is entirely laid on Russia, i.e. Russian troops has occupied the territory of Eastern Ukraine, regularly shell its cities, kills residents, destroys local infrastructure. This is how the situation is presented on media.

If we try to analyse this situation from the place of formal logic, then a few questions arise:

  1. What for the terrorists need to shell the cities where they personally live for several months? Is it really to live themselves in these cities afterwards without water, electricity, heating and provision? Maybe to create a humanitarian catastrophe for themselves?
  2. If the terrorists regularly shell the cities and kill civilians, then why the residents of the same cities help them afterwards by brining food, warm clothes and everything what is necessary? Have you ever seen such terrorists who are supported by their victims? When gunmen of ISIS shell the cities, then I’m sure that residents of these cities are not eager to express their sympathy to them.
  3. Did the Poles saw the map of hostilities? Cities are surrounded by the Ukrainian army! How do they imagine it? Instead of to hold the line and to repel attacks of the Ukrainian army, terrorists go outside the city, then shell it from multiple rocket launcher and artillery and then come back? Who can believe in that?
  4. If Russian troops really occupied cities on Eastern Ukraine then why they still not in Kiev? Instead of this they stagnate in one place for five months!? Is it really because of Ukrainian army heroically resist them? The army, which has arms of 60’s and 70’s mothballed for 23 years and on 50% in defective condition? The army which doesn’t have even outfit and where citizens buys a bullet-proof vests for soldiers? This is ridiculous.

Stubborn unwillingness of Kiev to admit that the Ukrainian army is fighting on the east not with the Russian troops but with the people’s militia, generates a mass of absurd situations.

P.S. When someone says about annexation of Crimea and invasion of Russian troops to Crimea, the first thing I want to ask this people is whether they knew that according to the agreement between Ukraine and Russian Federation, the Russian military forces allowed to be deployed in Crimea could be up to 25 000 of servicemen. Actually, when the referendum was hold in March, the number of Russian troops legally! deployed in Crimea was only 16 000. They didn’t come from overseas. They didn’t cross the border illegally. They were there according to legal agreement! All they did is to ensure the security for holding the referendum, since there were many attempts of Ukrainian radicals to realize an act of terror and serious threats of Kiev to carry out armed provocations.

Frequently, delusion is the result of poor and insufficient awareness. Therefore, search the Truth, search the primary source.


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