When kidnappings are justified

When kidnappings are justified

Perhaps someone will find this article interesting, but…

It was well-known before, that on the territories under Kiev’s control, people were simply disappeared and nobody cared about it. Police even didn’t try to investigate a numerous reports submitted by relatives. But the fact that civilians will be kidnapped to be exchanged later on captives, became known only now, in the light of the current exchange of captives between Ukrainian military forces and militia on the east.

As it turned out, the number of Ukrainian soldiers in captivity of militia is considerably higher than the number of captured soldiers of militia in captivity of Ukrainian army. Since the exchange is based on the formula 1:1 to liberate a hundred of Ukrainian soldiers is necessary to provide the same quantity of captives to another side. But where you can get a missing quantity if you don’t have enough? Very simple – on the streets, just look around! People were forcibly detained and imprisoned by fictitious accusations knowing in advance that they will be exchanged on captured Ukrainian soldiers. Cynically? Yes. Inhumanely? Yes. But who said that present government in Kiev is full of honest and decent people? Moreover, conditions in which captives are held by both parties are completely disparate.  Captured Ukrainian soldiers are kept in quite comfortable conditions, they have good nourishment and medical care. And what we see how the captives of militia are treated in Ukrainian captivity? People returning haggard, exhausted. Many were tortured. Many underwent acts of violence to give false statements which later planned to use on Ukrainian mass media as proof of the participation of Russian troops in Ukraine.

Well… actually I personally do not see anything surprising in the fact that the Ukrainian militaries and officers of SBU (secret service) kidnaps civilians. They have someone to learn from, since their american advisors and instructors, who presently occupies the entire fourth floor of SBU building in Kiev, have an extensive experience in such cases.

genocide on Ukraine

The Georgian mercenary with alias «Doberman» who currently fight on Ukraine in batallion «Donbass». Here he poses near the depressed civilian as a hunter and his victim on safari.

genocide on Ukraine

Here he demonstrates his superiority over the Russia’s flag



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