Who needs sanctions?

Who needs sanctions?

Last week on Wednesday, the Greek cruise ship Ocean Majesty, chartered by a German travel company Hansa Touristik, arrived at the port of Yalta (Russia), thus violating the sanctions imposed by the European Union earlier. German tourists spent in Yalta all day.

Crimea and Sevastopol in March held a referendum in which the people were in favor of secession from the Ukraine and reunification with Russia, and then these regions were taken into the Russian Federation. Several Western countries do not recognize the referendum and imposed sanctions against Russia, as well as separate sanctions against the Crimea and Sevastopol, prohibiting their vessels enter the ports of the peninsula.

How Crimea became part of Russia

The political crisis in Ukraine burst out in late November 2013, when the Cabinet announced the suspension of the European integration of the country. Mass protests called as Euromaydan, resulted in clashes of armed radicals and police. The result of street clashes, during which the opposition has repeatedly used firearms and “Molotov cocktails”, hundreds of casualties.

On February 22, with the help of radicals, the power in Ukraine was forcibly seized by the opposition. After that they violated the agreement reached with the legal President Victor Yanukovych. They replaced leadership of the parliament, Interior Ministry and removed the president himself, who later was forced to leave Ukraine, fearing for his life.

In its turn, the Crimea did not recognize the anti-constitutional coup and decided to hold a referendum about the future of the region. The majority of voters (96.77%) with a turnout of 83.1% voted for reunification with Russia. The proper agreement was signed on March 18th.


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