Scottish defeat?

London persuaded the Scots to remain part of the United Kingdom. The main argument – increase political, financial and economic independence. In fact, the United Kingdom began to turn into a confederation, in which 5.5 million Scots will have preferential financial and political position. Try to guess from the first time how the English, the Welsh, Cornish and Protestants of Northern Ireland will like it?

In the UK were already heard some voices like “stop feeding Scotland” Now, the discontent of irregular distribution of common goods, will increase. The question «What for is needed the Unified State where relatively good and independently lives only a few descendants of the wild Highlanders with whom British fought all their history?» – will arise more and more often. Neither one of the further British government will be able to give an intelligible answer on it.

But for Wales, Northern Ireland and rest of the self-governing regions of Britain, the Scotish case will serves as an example — just require the independence, and you will be immediately provided with any privileges so that you only remained in the UK. How long they will think, before to adopt such a successful experience of separatism?

Finally, the Scottish Nationalists have not disappeared, and those 46-47% of the population who supported them in the election, also remained. And tomorrow, as soon as the economic situation worsen, – may increase up to 55%

In general, now the UK has a complex of internal problems for a long years. And these problems will only grow, and the threat to British unity only increase.


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