A fibber in the Ministry of Defense

UKRAINE, KIEV 20 September

Returning from Poland the Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeriy Geletey said to accompanying journalist that Russian armed forces have caused two hits by tactical nuclear weapons on the airport of Lugansk.

Soon, adviser to the Minister of Home Affairs Anton Gerashchenko rushed to criticize this statement.

«The Minister of Defense either mistaken, or doesn’t know much about difference between ordinary and nuclear weapons. Why make such statements, which are easy to double-check and refute?! As a result, we are ridiculed both in Russia and around the world. Unfortunately, we got used to this» – summed up Gerashchenko.

The most interesting is what Mr. Geletey drank in Poland? But if seriously, regular excuses of Geletey about failure of punitive operation on the east, allegedly due to Russian armed forces, already resemble to paranoia, that’s why none of adequate people apprehend him seriously for a long time.

Ukraine Geletey Minister of Defence

Perhaps it is here that the Ukrainian Minister of Defence shows a huge nuclear bomb that was dropped by Russians on airport in Lugansk.


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