Ban for freedom of speech in Ukraine


«Give me control over the mass media and I will do a herd of pigs from any people» (Joseph Goebbels – Minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany)

The member of the Ukrainian National Television and Radio Council, Olga Gerasimyuk, explained to Ukrainians what the freedom of speech means.

«Objectivity must be not in presence of so-called «two different points of view» For example, journalists show on the air Putin. They motivate it that viewers must know his opinion, though opinion of the aggressor is already known. This is not the issue of censorship. We’ve got the freedom of speech, but still didn’t realize its essence»

These are the words of former journalist. Now this lady decides what Ukrainians can watch and what not. Why there must be presented two points of view? No, it’s too much! One opinion is enough for you and it will be our opinion. We will decide what you should know and what not. What will be the next step? Abolition of courts? Welcome to Germany 1935

Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic called on the Ukrainian authorities with a demand to treat mass media with respect in her statement on Friday that followed a recent raid by law enforcers on the editorial office of the Vesti newspaper in Kiev.

«I call on the Ukrainian authorities to refrain from any measures which could intimidate members of the media and impede the work of media outlets. National security concerns related to the current challenges in Ukraine should not justify disproportionate restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of the media»

On September 11 officers of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) searched the editorial office, confiscated the equipment, working materials and personal belongings of the Vesti staff.

«The SBU conducted the search as part of its criminal investigation into the newspaper’s publications, which allegedly contained information infringing Ukraine’s territorial integrity,» the representative’s office said.

Earlier, the Ukraine’s National Security Service has banned entry to the country for 35 Russian journalists for a period of 3-5 years.

«All these persons are related to Russian mass media. They have been denied entry for up to three years … and some for up to five years,» Yuri Artemenko, head of the National Television and Radio Council, said.

On August 28, the Council compiled a list of 49 Russian journalists who would be denied entry to Ukraine and sent it to the National Security Service.

But not only journalists are banned to enter Ukraine, but also Russian TV channels. Another 15 TV channels have been banned on Ukraine, in addition to 8 banned earlier.

In fact, Ukrainian officials are trying to clean out the information field in order it was easier to inculcate into heads of population their Russophobic propaganda.


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