Ukraine — A step to armistice?

Ukraine — A step to armistice?

Last time, when Ukrainian president offered a truce, Ukrainian troops used the lull for tactical regrouping. Kiev does not try to hide it and openly admitted that he used the previous truce for tactical purposes.

It seems that at this time, the truce is necessary to Kiev for the same purpose – to gain a time. Achievements of Kiev in war with the militia of Donbass (the eastern part of Ukraine) frankly is not in favor of Kiev. It is urgently need military assistance, otherwise in the next 2-3 months the war maybe be entirely lost. Does NATO and the United States can allow to Kiev, where US funded the coup and where they plan to extract shale gas, lose the war? That’s impossible! And of course, Captain America will come to the rescue.

Today, Ukrainian Parliament has abolished the non-aligned status of Ukraine. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk said that Ukraine will be the first partner of NATO in Eastern Europe. At the next summit of NATO, Ukraine will make a statement to join NATO, then let the alliance’s forces enter its territory and host the bases. Just to enter the troops of NATO on Ukrainian territory will definitely not work. Of course it needs a very significant reason. And of course, it was devised once again in Washington, — Russian invasion. Really… who will protect poor Ukraine from «bloody Putin» which prevents Ukraine to build a democratic state?

23 years Ukraine built a democratic state, nobody prevent it and suddenly the malicious Putin has decided to prevent the triumph of democracy on Ukraine. We certainly remember how the United States helped to build democracy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria. Instead of democracy: a series of civil wars and coups; the complete destruction of economy and poverty. Something similar United States are “building” now in Ukraine. The national currency has fallen in twice. The economy is on the brink of default. Country is in civil war. Will the US admit their mistake on Ukraine? To realize it, just enough to look at those countries where they unceremoniously interfered under the assumed pretenses.


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