Ukraine :: 02 September — the bloody “anniversary”

On September 02 is exactly 4 months as more than 100 people were  cruelly killed and burnt alive in Odessa. Kiev accepted only 46 victims and announced that «people burnt themselves due to carelessness» Untill now no investigation was taken, no one guilty was found and punished, though a lot of witnesses and video materials are available. Building where tragedy happened has been repaired in a hurry to hide the evidences.

Why authorities in Kiev is trying to hide the evidences? Why the so-called «civilized» world community is closing their eyes on slaughter? I think adults people will understand it by themselves.

On September 02 is exactly 3 months as Ukrainian warplane has bombed the center of peaceful city Lugansk by cassette bombs which resulted 14 civilians killed.

Do you think authorities in Kiev have recollect it? Or citizens of Ukraine who live in other part of the country? No. Nobody recollect something, nobody deplored about it.

On the first video is the tragedy in Odessa on May 02, which now called as «Odessa Khatyn»

On the second video tragedy in Lugansk on May 02.

!!! Age restriction!!! ONLY 21+ Both videos contain pictures which may damage your state of mind.



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