A mirage of Russian invasion

The entire world community shocked by the official announcement of Kiev about invasion of regular military troops of Russian Federation to the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko said that due to this tragic event, he immediately call the meeting of Council of National Security and Defense and urge the UN Security Council urgently get together on its meeting. According to the Ukrainian authorities, Ukraine is the victim of aggression and it is necessary stop the aggressor.

The spokesman of the US State Department Jen Psaki announced about new information of the columns of Russian tanks, invaded the territory of Ukraine.

“There were reports of other columns of Russian tanks, armored vehicles and rocket attacks that used against civilians in the south-eastern of Ukraine. We have also seen reports of shelling of residential areas by separatists in the coastal towns between the border and Mariupol. We have seen reports of heavy fighting and shelling in the area of the city and the airport in Donetsk, “- said Psaki.

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevichs, shuddering with horror, said that the information about the appearance of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine shows an open Russian aggression and the beginning of full-scale war.

“The Russian invasion to Ukraine should be considered by the Security Council of the United Nations as an act of aggression. The UN should react accordingly, it is – the war”, – wrote E. Rinkevichs in his Twitter.

The British foreign minister called on Russia to stop destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. According to him, the British Foreign Office is “very concerned about reports of further invasion to Ukraine, which is supported by Russia. Russia should stop destabilizing neighbor”, – said the head of the British Foreign Office.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said that Lithuania strongly condemns the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine.

By turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, officially announced that Russia sent troops into the territory of Ukraine, has violated the UN General Assembly resolution, and this is a direct act of aggression.

“Recently we see the offensive of the Russian troops in the southern part of the Donetsk region, and especially in the vicinity of Novoazovsk’’

While listening all these hysterical statements, it can really get the feeling that many Russian columns of tanks supported with aviation are already moving through the territory of Ukraine, capturing its towns and villages.

With that, in the cited above stream of indignation is missing the main thing — the proof of the Russian invasion. Representatives of the United States and Eastern Europe are deeply outraged and concerned really hard, but it is absolutely unclear on the ground of what their facebook-twitter outrage and concerns has arise.

If Russian’s military columns are really coming through the Ukrainian territory, then there must be as minimum photo and video materials confirming this. Does any documents of such kind have been provided to the world community? Pictures, published in the Ukrainian media and on websites of the Ukrainian government, in fact turned out to be the Ukrainian military equipment, or belong to militia, but not to Russians.

When Jen Psaki said about invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine, she didn’t demonstrate the evidence of this, but emphasized that Washington believes the information about the Russian invasion, but did not have an independent, factual confirmation of this information.

“We have no reason to doubt in their data. But we have no independent confirmation or additional details, “- said Psaki.

That is why the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called the allegations about invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine as speculations.

“We hear various speculations not the first time, at the same time facts have never been presented to us even once,” – he said at a press conference in Moscow.

According to Lavrov, “before has already appeared reports that there are pictures from space that show the movement of Russian troops.”

“It turned out that it was a picture taken from the video games. And the latest allegations is about the same kind, “- said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It turns very strange situation. If believe in hysterical claims of Ukrainian authorities, from August 27 there goes a large-scale invasion of Russian’s military forces to the territory of Ukraine. Nobody have proofs of this invasion, but everyone firmly «believe» in it.

I don’t know, maybe Russians devised a new, top-secret «invisible troops» which is able to cross the border and enter Ukraine remaining invisible.

In fact, the true reason of hysteria about the Russian invasion, lies in regular defeat of the Ukrainian Army to militia on Donbass. Kiev can not openly admit that losing the war to some kind of militia. How to explain to residents of central and western Ukraine the reasons of considerable defeats on the east? The recipe is very simple – the invasion. Yes… only the Russian invasion is able to explain logically the reasons of the Ukrainian army defeats on the east. Plus, this will expose Russia as aggressor, to win over the NATO forces and thus get a chance for military victory.

Kiev understands that military defeat in the east would mean the end of everything for him, so he tries his best to get a military support fom the United States and NATO. But United States and NATO do not want to get involved in a global war with Russia over Ukraine.


6 thoughts on “A mirage of Russian invasion

    • You can paint over all the markings on tanks. You can hide everything! whatever point to Russia in any way. But…

      Where are those Russian tanks and aircrafts shooted down on the territory of Ukraine? Let authorities in Kiev demonstrate the evidences. President Poroshenko widely announced two weeks ago the statement “Ukrainian artillery has destroyed the column of Russian armoured vehicles” But, there was no reply on the question to provide the coordinates where it happened. Do you really think that artillery shoot without coordinates? How ols are you? Any photo, video? Nothing! Let the journalists come and see the place where Russian tanks were destroyed, but until now no evidences were provided even with the painted over marks.

      What about spy-sattellites of Pentagon? They can read newspaper from the space. They watch every meter of Russian-Ukrainian border. Do you really think that Pentagon would keep silence if it had such a weighty argument? And please, don’t show those images which NATO issued as “weighty” proofs, but after the checking turned out to be the images from video game.

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      • It is amazing what people believe about intelligence systems. The ability to read a newspaper from outer space? Bullcrap, poppycock and that’s blather. There is an issue of resolution. They’re good but not that good.

        Even a picture of a tank doesn’t prove anything, you need and want incontrovertible evidence. For that, to do forensic analysis, you need boots on the ground. Last time anybody heard, that is rebel held territory.

        “Watch every meter”? Apologies, but that is an unrealistic perspective about the Intelligence Community. As a retired military intelligence officer, I know. A satellite can collect high resolution images from near the horizon, all the way to apogee, but the satellite is still in that window for only a few seconds, unless it’s a geosyncronous satellite, and believe me, no satellite is hovering over Ukraine.

        Sure, let the journalists in. So far the rebels are attempting to keep them out.


      • Saying that “the satellite can read a newspaper from the space”, I put it figuratively, to make it clear that military satellites created to follow up the territory of the enemy and they can descry any object. I will not argue on the subject about resolution which satellites of Pentagon have nowadays, because I don’t know it, but I know that in Iraq, the United States successfully spys the territory in great details.

        You said: «Sure, let the journalists in. So far the rebels are attempting to keep them out.»

        This is simply not the truth. Ukrainian journalists have been invited many times to make their reports from Donetsk, Lugansk or any other city of the east. They’ve been officially invited by chiefs of the rebels. Even now they can come there and broadcast from Donetsk. And where are they? Anywhere, but not in those places where they must be. Strange, but British journalist Graham Philips now in Lugansk. Why there’re no Ukrainian journalists? Who prevent them? Maybe you know.

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  1. Western press are simply not interested in gaining facts or information which does not support their governments storyline. For instance when the Russian Defense Ministry prepared a presentation concerning #MH17 complete with analytics the western press was invited, and yet did not attend or even report about it. The stories about “Russia’s invasion” are getting worn out, and usually are used to cover-up the ATOs defeats and failures. Everytime the NAF has important victories we hear again same old excuses from the chocolate puppet.


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