Who supplies the paints for colour revolutions?

Who supplies the paints for colour revolutions?

Chinese authorities suspect the United States in the organization of the protest movement «Occupy Central», which organizes mass protests in Hong Kong since the June. It is scarcely they can rise the revolution in mainland China, but the Hong Kong is a convenient area for rehearsals.

Under the guise of democracy is very convenient to commit a coups. Struggle of everything good against of all bad is a nice pretext to overthrow governments by people’s hands in those countries where the US have their geopolitical interests. In Ukraine, people also were gathered at the Democratic rally, then «unknown snipers» shot both demonstrators and police. If the situation in Hong Kong will reach an impasse then very likely the same technology with ‘‘unknown snipers’’ will be used to provoke a burst of indignation and further escalation of protests.

Together with Russia, China is a rival of the United States, which are desperately fights for leadership in the world. Both countries prevents the achievement by the United States of their geopolitical goals.

This is not the last mass disorders in China and Hong Kong. The US will try to destabilize situation as maximum as possible not only in this region but also in countries of BRICS and Turkey, where we may soon hear about another «pro-democratic» rallies or even acts of terror in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Unfortunately, ordinary people are just a pawns in geopolitical games of the United States and its ideology of world domination.


Poland will mobilize militia against «Russian threat»

Residents of Eastern Poland are seriously concerned that their cities may share its fate with Lugansk and Donetsk. Therefore, they want to organize their own military units of National Defence, – says niezalezna.pl

On the place of Poles I would become anxious not of supposed «Russian threat» but what they will do when hundreds of Ukrainian neo-nazi («Banderovits») will arrive to them. Those nazi, whose ancestors in 1943 brutally killed 80 thousands of Poles in Volhynian slaughter. Ordinary Poles remember this, but their government seems prefer to afraid the alleged «Russian threat»

Opinion of Poles about situation on the Eastern Ukraine is quite significant, since it reflects the common opinion of most people in western countries, where almost all media informs about Russian invasion on Ukraine, i.e. Ukrainian army fights with Russian troops, but not with the militia of local residents. It is known that above mentioned cities, as well as other cities of Eastern Ukraine, are regularly shelled that result in mass casualties of residents and large-scale destructions of local infrastructure. Blame for these crimes is entirely laid on Russia, i.e. Russian troops has occupied the territory of Eastern Ukraine, regularly shell its cities, kills residents, destroys local infrastructure. This is how the situation is presented on media.

If we try to analyse this situation from the place of formal logic, then a few questions arise:

  1. What for the terrorists need to shell the cities where they personally live for several months? Is it really to live themselves in these cities afterwards without water, electricity, heating and provision? Maybe to create a humanitarian catastrophe for themselves?
  2. If the terrorists regularly shell the cities and kill civilians, then why the residents of the same cities help them afterwards by brining food, warm clothes and everything what is necessary? Have you ever seen such terrorists who are supported by their victims? When gunmen of ISIS shell the cities, then I’m sure that residents of these cities are not eager to express their sympathy to them.
  3. Did the Poles saw the map of hostilities? Cities are surrounded by the Ukrainian army! How do they imagine it? Instead of to hold the line and to repel attacks of the Ukrainian army, terrorists go outside the city, then shell it from multiple rocket launcher and artillery and then come back? Who can believe in that?
  4. If Russian troops really occupied cities on Eastern Ukraine then why they still not in Kiev? Instead of this they stagnate in one place for five months!? Is it really because of Ukrainian army heroically resist them? The army, which has arms of 60’s and 70’s mothballed for 23 years and on 50% in defective condition? The army which doesn’t have even outfit and where citizens buys a bullet-proof vests for soldiers? This is ridiculous.

Stubborn unwillingness of Kiev to admit that the Ukrainian army is fighting on the east not with the Russian troops but with the people’s militia, generates a mass of absurd situations.

P.S. When someone says about annexation of Crimea and invasion of Russian troops to Crimea, the first thing I want to ask this people is whether they knew that according to the agreement between Ukraine and Russian Federation, the Russian military forces allowed to be deployed in Crimea could be up to 25 000 of servicemen. Actually, when the referendum was hold in March, the number of Russian troops legally! deployed in Crimea was only 16 000. They didn’t come from overseas. They didn’t cross the border illegally. They were there according to legal agreement! All they did is to ensure the security for holding the referendum, since there were many attempts of Ukrainian radicals to realize an act of terror and serious threats of Kiev to carry out armed provocations.

Frequently, delusion is the result of poor and insufficient awareness. Therefore, search the Truth, search the primary source.

When kidnappings are justified

When kidnappings are justified

Perhaps someone will find this article interesting, but…

It was well-known before, that on the territories under Kiev’s control, people were simply disappeared and nobody cared about it. Police even didn’t try to investigate a numerous reports submitted by relatives. But the fact that civilians will be kidnapped to be exchanged later on captives, became known only now, in the light of the current exchange of captives between Ukrainian military forces and militia on the east.

As it turned out, the number of Ukrainian soldiers in captivity of militia is considerably higher than the number of captured soldiers of militia in captivity of Ukrainian army. Since the exchange is based on the formula 1:1 to liberate a hundred of Ukrainian soldiers is necessary to provide the same quantity of captives to another side. But where you can get a missing quantity if you don’t have enough? Very simple – on the streets, just look around! People were forcibly detained and imprisoned by fictitious accusations knowing in advance that they will be exchanged on captured Ukrainian soldiers. Cynically? Yes. Inhumanely? Yes. But who said that present government in Kiev is full of honest and decent people? Moreover, conditions in which captives are held by both parties are completely disparate.  Captured Ukrainian soldiers are kept in quite comfortable conditions, they have good nourishment and medical care. And what we see how the captives of militia are treated in Ukrainian captivity? People returning haggard, exhausted. Many were tortured. Many underwent acts of violence to give false statements which later planned to use on Ukrainian mass media as proof of the participation of Russian troops in Ukraine.

Well… actually I personally do not see anything surprising in the fact that the Ukrainian militaries and officers of SBU (secret service) kidnaps civilians. They have someone to learn from, since their american advisors and instructors, who presently occupies the entire fourth floor of SBU building in Kiev, have an extensive experience in such cases.

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Who needs sanctions?

Who needs sanctions?

Last week on Wednesday, the Greek cruise ship Ocean Majesty, chartered by a German travel company Hansa Touristik, arrived at the port of Yalta (Russia), thus violating the sanctions imposed by the European Union earlier. German tourists spent in Yalta all day.

Crimea and Sevastopol in March held a referendum in which the people were in favor of secession from the Ukraine and reunification with Russia, and then these regions were taken into the Russian Federation. Several Western countries do not recognize the referendum and imposed sanctions against Russia, as well as separate sanctions against the Crimea and Sevastopol, prohibiting their vessels enter the ports of the peninsula.

How Crimea became part of Russia

The political crisis in Ukraine burst out in late November 2013, when the Cabinet announced the suspension of the European integration of the country. Mass protests called as Euromaydan, resulted in clashes of armed radicals and police. The result of street clashes, during which the opposition has repeatedly used firearms and “Molotov cocktails”, hundreds of casualties.

On February 22, with the help of radicals, the power in Ukraine was forcibly seized by the opposition. After that they violated the agreement reached with the legal President Victor Yanukovych. They replaced leadership of the parliament, Interior Ministry and removed the president himself, who later was forced to leave Ukraine, fearing for his life.

In its turn, the Crimea did not recognize the anti-constitutional coup and decided to hold a referendum about the future of the region. The majority of voters (96.77%) with a turnout of 83.1% voted for reunification with Russia. The proper agreement was signed on March 18th.

Scottish defeat?

London persuaded the Scots to remain part of the United Kingdom. The main argument – increase political, financial and economic independence. In fact, the United Kingdom began to turn into a confederation, in which 5.5 million Scots will have preferential financial and political position. Try to guess from the first time how the English, the Welsh, Cornish and Protestants of Northern Ireland will like it?

In the UK were already heard some voices like “stop feeding Scotland” Now, the discontent of irregular distribution of common goods, will increase. The question «What for is needed the Unified State where relatively good and independently lives only a few descendants of the wild Highlanders with whom British fought all their history?» – will arise more and more often. Neither one of the further British government will be able to give an intelligible answer on it.

But for Wales, Northern Ireland and rest of the self-governing regions of Britain, the Scotish case will serves as an example — just require the independence, and you will be immediately provided with any privileges so that you only remained in the UK. How long they will think, before to adopt such a successful experience of separatism?

Finally, the Scottish Nationalists have not disappeared, and those 46-47% of the population who supported them in the election, also remained. And tomorrow, as soon as the economic situation worsen, – may increase up to 55%

In general, now the UK has a complex of internal problems for a long years. And these problems will only grow, and the threat to British unity only increase.