Yet another Russian’s imaginary invasion to Ukraine (Fake)

During the last days there were a lot of hullabaloo about another invasion of the Russian’s column of military armoured vehicles which crossed Ukrainian border in Novoazovsk checkpoint.

According to CNN, life in Novoazovsk, which recently militia recaptured from Ukrainian army, goes in it’s usual way and the city looks peaceful.

According to correspondent of the channel, the presence of the Russian army is not seen there.

So were there tanks or not? Did Russia really entered their military forces to Ukraine?

In fact, tanks in Novoazovsk really were, but … it belongs to army of militia, which came to Novazovsk in result of offensive, which militia has taken in recent days on south direction. And it doesn’t count in tens or hundreds, as it asserted, but only a couple of pieces.

Dear Barak Obama, Anders Fogh Rasmussen and David Cameron!

Next time when you decide to scare the world by Russian’s invasion once again, please try to be more convincing and provide more reliable evidences than just idle talk. Honestly, your prate begins not only annoy, but also irritate.

novoazovsk_1 novoazovsk_2


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