Shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian military forces (VIDEO 21+)

Everyday, Ukrainian military forces based in Donetsk airport, shell on residential blocks of the city. Results of such shelling you can see on the video below (not recommend for people under 21 and pregnant)

In the car has burned a family of three people (farther, mother and their child) A man, who was walking on pavement, lost his leg.

Please pay attention on people in camouflage! This is militia whom officials in Kiev and Washington name as terrorists or Russians invaders.

Isn’t it strange that «terrorists» are trying to relieve those people whom they terrorize a few minutes ago?

How it can be that terrorists shelling the city where they live by themselves?

I don’t know how stupid people must be to believe in bullshit which Kiev and Washington try to persuade rest of the world.

I think those must be called as terrorists who really terrorize people and kill them, but not who protect them and relieve. Unfortunately, Kiev will never accept that Ukrainian military forces are the real terrorists. Moreover, Ukrainian servicemen are sincerely believe they protect their country from Russian invaders. Of course! They’ve been told about that on TV, and they believe this is true… until the moment when they get in captivity and meet with the local people whom they terrorize for a few months.

P.S. On the second video captives of the Ukrainian army and National Guard brought to the city to show them results of their shelling. No comments, just watch the reaction of the local people whom they terrorize for several months.


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