French edition AgoraVox — Kiev unleashed ​​a genocide of his own people with the blessing of the West

genocide in Ukraine

People in Donetsk use basements as bombshelter to protect themselves from shelling by Ukrainian military forces.

The war, which Ukrainian government is waging in the east of the country, cannot be named other than genocide, says AgoraVox. According to the French edition, it’s all carried out with «the blessing of the international community in the name of democracy»

While thousands of civilians lose their lives in the east of Ukraine, the West keep silence, but outraged when a hundred of people were killed on Maidan in Kiev.

Fascist Ukrainian government has unleashed a genocidal war against its own Russian-speaking population, writes AgoraVox.

A few months ago, all the «so-called international community» unanimously accused the former president of Ukraine that snipers fired on their own people on the Maidan, and before that justified a military coup, which was carried out with the help of Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups.

Hundred of victims served as a pretext for the coup, which was led from Western capitals to set up a junta that will obey the orders of Washington. There was no investigation conducted to find those guilty and to condemn them.

French edition resent that the anger in the West about the hundred of casualties on Maidan changed to indifference about three thousand civilians died in the east of Ukraine. On August 11, the spokesman of the USA State Department Marie Harf on a reporter’s question about victims among civilians replied: «I have no sympathy for the separatists»

What is happening in eastern Ukraine, in other words as a genocide cannot be named, says the publication. All military of Ukraine, including the Nazi battalions, as well as private military companies of various Western countries run by Western military advisers, are trying to destroy the industrial Donbass and its people.

Several hundred of thousands of civilians had taken refuge in Russia, but around two million people still remain in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic. They have no water, medicine, food, and they are shelled and bombed twenty-four-hours.

P.S. In fact, the number of refugees asked for asylum in Russia till that moment has reached almost 1 million people.



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