Ukraine :: Nuclear Games

Ukraine :: Nuclear Games

Swiss President, OSCE Chairman Didier Burkhalter shared the concerns of the scientific community of the Russian Federation regarding the issue of nuclear safety in connection with the intention of the United States to conclude an agreement with Ukraine for the supply of nuclear fuel and recommends a greater dialogue on this issue with the IAEA.

Europe realise how dangerous it is to let the children play with the matches. They also remember those terrible events in 1986 when the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl happened and Ukraine was not the only country which suffered due to its consequences.

But the US is far from the european continent and it does not care about nuclear safety somewhere overseas. In this particular case the US concerns only about the profit they can get out of agreement with Ukraine. Who cares that the Ukrainian nuclear power stations were built in Soviet era and is able to use the fuel which now produce only Russian Federation? Who cares about it? Not the US for sure.


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