62 Ukrainian servicemen cross into Russia for asylum

62 Ukrainian servicemen cross into Russia for asylum

A group of 62 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have crossed into Russia’s Rostov Region to ask for asylum.

They turned to Russian border guards asking to let them into the Russian territory near Russia’s settlement of Shramko, Matveyevo-Kurgansky district with the aim to save their lives.

Before crossing the Russian border, the Ukrainian servicemen left their guns at the cross-border region. Russian border guards have let them pass and provided a transit corridor.

In this respect, a couple of questions arise:

  1. As we have been told, the Russia has invaded Ukraine and Ukraine is at war with Russia. Then please explain, why Ukrainian servicemen surrender to Russian military forces and later return back? This is the same as if during the Second World War, Russian soldiers surrendered to the Germans, and  Germans in their turn, let the Russian soldiers return back. Don’t you think it’s a little bit strange? But it happens, and this is not the very first time when Ukrainian servicemen surrender to Russians and cross the border asking for asylum.
  1. When two countries enter into the state of war, it always sever diplomatic relations. Why Kiev does not declare war with Moscow? Just because there is NO war with Moscow! Kiev is fighting in the east of Ukraine with his own people, and Kiev fully realize it, that’s why declared anti-terrorist operation, but not a martial law.

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