NATO goes to the East

NATO goes to the East

NATO is going to redeploy its forces to new bases in Eastern Europe.

Countries of alliance will overcome their differences and at the nearest summit will decide to place its forces near the Russian border, said General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

According to Rasmussen, the meaning of the deployment of troops in Europe, is that a potential aggressor be aware that in case of attack on a NATO member it will meet NATO soldiers, and not only the army of this particular country.

And it declare the organization which assured Gorbachev that NATO will not move to the East «just withdraw your troops from the Germany» Army of the USSR left Europe, while NATO only increased its presence.

Moreover, it is now planning to set up new bases near the Russian border, and all this under pretence of increasing aggression of Russia, which NATO accuses in placing its troops on the border with Ukraine and shelling its territory.

If the former might be called in any way as nonsense, since every state has the right to move its troops on their territory wherever and whenever it want, the second is an outright lie, because so far there is no confirmed facts that troops of Russian Federation has really crossed the boarder of Ukraine.

Today, you can descry from satellite not only a column of tanks, but also read a newspaper, and if such kind of facts is really exist, then let Mr. Rasmussen provide us with these satellite images, and do not allow himself to talk nonsense that does not make him honor as a high-ranking official.

Well, dear comrades from NATO… you goes by true road in the matter of peace and prosperity. Pushing the world into a new global war, while traditionally accusing Russia and Putin personally.


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