Ukraine :: From Molotov cocktails to ballistic missiles (18+)

In less than a year, Ukraine has been plunged into a vortex of violence that doesn’t appear to have any end in sight. The vicious circle that started with Molotov cocktails thrown at riot police has now gone to ballistic missiles launched at cities.

On the video below we can see as ‘peaceful’ protesters on Maidan in Kiev bottle Molotov cocktail and throw it away to riot police.

What we have been told about events on Maidan on CNN, BBC and other ‘democratic’ TV channels? ‘People of Urkaine made their choice to be with Europe and bloody president Yanukovitch suppress it’ or something similar in this way.

Well… actually I don’t know what would happened with radical protesters in Europe or US if they allow themselves to throw Molotov cocktails to riot police? At least get in prison for many years, as maximum have a chance to be shoot down.

nazis in urkaine

Why Europe and US had cover up those neo-nazis and bandits on Maidan in Kiev? Well, they’ve had one mutual goal as to bring to power their puppet president Poroshenko and at the same time each party of this game had their personal reasons:

EU — Poroshenko sign the association agreement (already done) and EU get the following:

  1. a new market to sell off their goods in Ukraine;
  2. extra profit out of loans which International Monetary Fund will give to Ukraine to fulfill all the requirements as per the agreement with EU.

US — solve their geopolitical goals:

  1. press out Russian fleet and military forces from Black Sea and Crimea;
  2. place NATO bases in Crimea close to Russian border and use it for pressure on Russian Federation in future;
  3. create completely rusophobic Ukraine and later incite it to get in war against Russia;
  4. destroy commercial links between Russian Federation and EU to weak both countries and so strengthen the fainting dollar;
  5. with the help of their puppet Areniy Yatsenyuk who according to plan should become a Prime Minister, initiate a new gas-war with Russia and use it to press on EU to buy shale gas which ‘Shell’ is planned to produce on the east of Ukraine (Donbass) where currently civil war prevent it.

In February, record of telephone conversation of Victoria Nuland with ambassador Mr.Pyatts leaked into the press, where they uncover some of the details about putsch organized on Ukraine.

Now, US by the hands of ‘president’ Poroshenko wage a real war on the east of Ukraine to keep a control over this territory.

Bombing Lugansk by Ukrainian army

This woman, Irina Kukurudza, died after the Ukrainian aircraft strike on the administrative building in Lughansk, July, 2, 2014. Two women more died near her. Totally 11 people were killed. Even NATO confirmed that the attack was made by an Ukrainian airplane.

As it became clear last days, the Ukrainian military forces used a ballistic missile ‘Tochka U’ (according to NATO classification SS-21 Scarab A)


In this respect, I have a few questions: ‘What really brings America: democracy, or war and destruction?’ Whom they support and what regimes set up?


bloody poroshenko

poroshenko terrorist

us and ukraine military forces


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