The only chance to survive

The only chance to survive

Vice President Joe Biden held talks with Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko on the situation in the east of Ukraine. President Poroshenko informed the Vice President that the majority of Russian lorries which entered the territory of Ukraine the day before, now returned to Russia. Vice President praised the restraint of the Ukrainian side in the face of blatant Russian provocation and disregard of Ukrainian sovereignty, — said in a statement of the press service of the White House.

In addition, Biden also spoke to Poroshenko about continuing isolation of Russia in the UN Security Council and promised that the United States will continue to work with partners in the G7 to respond to Russia’s actions.

Lorries with Russian humanitarian aid arrived at the border on August 14, but the Ukrainian side began customs clearance only on 21 August! And this is in spite of the fact that Ukrainian officials knew about disastrous state of the people in Lugansk and Donetsk! All possible excuses for detaining the aid have been exhausted and only on Friday, August 22 aid convoy has crossed the border and arrived in Lugansk.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry called it as “violation of international rules” and called on international partners to condemn the Russia.

It would be proper here to remind that the mission was preparing for a long time, in complete transparency and in cooperation with the Ukrainian side and the Red Cross.

Following the logic of officials in Kiev, it would be better to continue shelling, or… wait until more people die due to humanitarian disaster. 


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