NATO — The irrational logic

NATO — The irrational logic

Discussion of relations between NATO and Russia at the summit in Wales (UK), will be held without the participation of the Russian side. The decision not inviting Russia to summit is not very logical. If the question of relations with Russia placed on agenda, then it would be logical to invite a representative of Russia.

NATO has increased its forces in Eastern Europe. So, if earlier in Baltic countries were only four aircraft, now it is 16. And it means, that the flight time from there to St. Petersburg just eight minutes.

If Russia decides to freeze the corridor through its territory which alliance used for delivering of supplies to Afghanistan, it will definitely become a sensible impact for NATO. After all, 80% of goods from Afghanistan the alliance exports through the Russian territory.

In the nearest future, cooperation of Russia and NATO will only shrink. The only member of NATO which is quite good to Russia is Turkey. This is the only country which has not imposed sanctions. The reason is that Russia and Turkey do not want to let the American fleet enter the Black Sea.


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