Cyber-fighters appealed to people of Poland to stop genocide on eastern Ukraine

After they effectively blocked for a half of the day (29 of July) the web-site of the Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko, cyber-fighters from ‘CyberBerkut’ on 14th of August blocked for a while a number of Polish web-sources, including president’s site and Warsaw Stock Exchange one.

Though Polish people suffered much from Fascism during World War II and a lot of Polish were killed by Ukrainian Nazis (Banderas) today Polish government and a number of pseudo-patriotic and false-democratic structures and organizations try to support genocide in Ukraine under the mask of democracy.

Here is the statement of ‘CyberBercut’ appeal:

Unfortunately, the government of Poland only extends their assistance to the junta in Kiev and so becomes an accomplice of war crimes committed in Ukraine every day.

Today Ukrainian Nazis attempt to repeat events of Volhynia in 1943, when Bandera’s followers tortured more than 36 000 Poles brutally and most of them were women and children. We appeal to common Poles who take care of their history: remember those days tragedy and help to prevent its recurrence.

We hope the government of Poland, which listens to Washington only, would hear its people’s voice at last! People who oppose the war and Volhynia recurrence. Help to stop genocide of people on the East of Ukraine for the sake of the Volhynia victims’ sacred memory.

victims of nazis in ukraine

Today, we had to block a number of the internet resources in Poland:

Four months passed since junta in Kiev keeps the genocide of population in the South-East of the country. Moreover, Poland is one of the few sponsors of anti-constitutional putsch in Ukraine. Polish officials sacrifice not only their citizens’ interests but their lives by interfering in internal affairs of the other country.

By the order from Washington, Poland renders political, diplomatic and military assistance to nationalists and oligarchs in Ukraine who destabilize and wreck the country.

At the same time, there is Polish private military company ASBS Othago which operates in the territory of Ukraine and belongs to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Bartolomiej Sienkiewicz. Blood of mothers, children and old people is on these people’s hands! Sienkiewicz is a war criminal!

Today our CyberArmy attacks main political and financial internet resources of Poland – the sites of the President of Poland and the Warsaw Stock Exchange:

On behalf of the Ukrainian people ‘CyberBerkut’ demands to withdraw polish mercenaries from the Ukrainian territory immediately and cancel their hidden aid to the fascist power in Ukraine.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!


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