URGENT!!! An appeal to European nations from people of eastern Ukraine

This video must see everyone who value human life! Who says human rights are not empty words. You will never see this on TV in Europe or America.

This appeal is an attempt to be heard, so that people all over the world know what is really happening on the east of Ukraine.

Today you’re told only how Israel shelling Gaza, but you will not hear a word about the way how Ukrainian military forces kill people in the cities of eastern Ukraine.

Take a good look! This is not a Fake! All of these people were killed only because of authorities in Kiev doesn’t want to hear them, doesn’t want to listen their opinion. We are told on the TV that the Ukrainian army is fighting with the separatists and terrorists, but in fact this is the same Ukrainians citizens who have a different opinion, and for this reason they are killed by Kiev government today.

VIDEO 18+ (Subtitles in English and German)


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