Ukraine :: Kidnapping became legal

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in the Ukraine reports that the head of the police in Starobilsk (100 km north of Lughansk) informed them of new abduction cases linked to the “Aidar” battalion. The interlocutor explained that the main problem facing police officers during investigations into these abductions, is that the victims mostly do not wish to press charges against the perpetrators, or give any information about the place of their detention. Instead of involving the police, victims chose to leave the village or even the country.


Meanwhile even official Ukrainian mass-media are full of reports about unlawful abductions looking like kidnapping. Not only ordinary people and anti-Fascist activists suffer often disappearing after being stopped at some block-post or just being taken away from one’s own house.

A number of local executives in Lughansk and Donetsk regions have been captured and carried in unknown direction by armed people in masks from so-called “volunteer battalions” established by oligarchs and radical movements under Kiev’s junta blessing. Recently in those districts of Lughansk region which occupied by Ukrainian government forces have disappeared in such way following representatives of local authorities:

– the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor of Severodonetsk, together with the Chairman of this town municipal board and his first deputy

– the Mayor of Lutughino

– the Chairman of municipal board in Novoaidar

– the Chairman of municipal board in Stanitza Lughanskaya district.

All of them were accused of being “separatist collaborators”.

Most popular figure was the case of the Lughansk Mayor Sergei Kravchenko captured by “Aidar” at the block-post while trying to escape from his city. His wife published an open letter calling the international organizations to pay attention to the mass break of law and legalised violence of armed groups in Ukraine. Sergei Kravchenko became the only person among local executives who was released after abduction.

Below you can see a video made by the Fascists from the battalion “Dnepr”. They put it into the Internet to show how efficient they are in fighting “separatism”. The fact is that this unlawfully armed group which is declared to be a unit of the Ukrainian Ministry for Internal Affairs just grubs a person at his own home without any judge order or other legal provision, beats unarmed man who doesn’t resist, bounds him and takes away in unknown direction.


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