Misterious column – Part 2

In my post Mythical military convoy I said, that ukrainian officials will explain the absence of destroyed column in a way similar to this «We cannot give coordinates for reasons of secrecy»

Today, speaker of ukrainian Council of National Security Mr. Lysinko explained why they cannot provide coordinates of destroyed russian military convoy. «Because this territory in under separatists control»

At the same time he specified that this column was destroyed by the ukrainian artillery. As it well know, artillery cannot destroy something without having the coordinates, otherwise it will shell to nowhere. If, ukrainian artillery really destroyed russian military column, then there must be coordinates.

For ukrainian Council of National Security is enough to give the coordinates and american friends will be able to take a picture of destroyed column from their satellites. Just imagine what a wonderful evidence of russian aggression it could be:) But what seems more real is that ukrainian officials don’t have any proofs. It means that nobody destroyed mythical russian convoy.

Moreover, I don’t think that we will ever hear any proofs from the ukrainian officials. Most probably this topic will sink in swamp of ukrainian lies, as it happened with crashed Boeing MH17.


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