Mythical military convoy

Today, all mass media reported that military convoy from Russian Federation has crossed the border of Ukraine and annihilated by ukrainian army.

The president of Ukraine informed about that on his website and recount to Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron during the phone conversation.

In its turn, the ukrainian armed forces command yet another time has drawn the information from social networks(!) and reported that military convoy of Russian Federation has crossed the border of Ukraine. After that, they have concoct that most of convoy was successfully annihilated and report the president about that. The president, confide in his military command, has told about that to all the world. This news was picked up not only by news agencies but also by governments.

But what is most interesting is that nobody(!) gave the coordinates of annihilated convoy, though people who was bombing it must definitely knew it. For some reason none of the ukrainian or european news agency sent their journalist to this place to give the evidence of invasion and annihilation of aggressor’s convoy. Nobody provide this information!

It’s not difficult to guess what ukrainian government will say in this respect: «We cannot give coordinates for reasons of secrecy» – or – «We want to make a close study of this convoy to have the evidence of invasion» and bla, bla, bla… Eventually, nobody give any proofs, will keep silence and try to forget this event replacing it from information field by another news, as they did it with crushing of Boeing MH-17.

If ukrainians will not provide such coordinates, then it would be nice for Prime Minister of GB to remind to the president of Ukraine that lying is not nice, and at the same time recommending him to dismiss those liars who gave him mythical data about mythical convoy, which was allegedly destroyed.

United States could not confirm the statements of Kiev about invasion of Russian military convoy across the border with Ukraine. This is stated in a press release that was distributed on Friday by official representative of the National Security Council of the White House, Caitlin Hayden.

In its turn, Russia’s FSB Border Guard Service regional department on Friday denied reports in foreign mass media, including in Ukrainian ones, that a column of armoured vehicles would cross the border from Russia into Ukraine.

«Due to regular shelling of the Russian territory from Ukraine and the cases of mass crossing of the border by Ukrainian servicemen, necessary measures are being taken to ensure security of residents in border areas. Mobile groups have been set up to ensure security of the state border and Russian citizens, and prevent armed men from penetrating into the Russian territory»

So what we have in the end?

  1. Statement of the ukrainian president that «Russian military armoured vehicles had been destroyed by the Ukrainian artillery at night»
  2. Any proof? Coordinates? Photo? Video? — Nothing!!!
  3. US has no confirmation. Otherwise they would definitely have it, since every meter of the Russian-Ukrainian border is under sharp control of Pentagon’s satellites.
  4. Mobile groups of the Russian’s Border Guard Service patrol their territory due to periodical shelling from the Ukrainian territory.

What would you say, if I declare that Kennedy was killed by aliens, not by Lee Harvey Oswald? Most probably you will definitely need any proof. No proof — no case. All the rest is only bla, bla, bla…


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