Kiev is fighting in the east of Ukraine for shale gas.

Kiev is fighting in the east of Ukraine for shale gas.

The control over the south-east of Ukraine is important for Kiev first of all because of the shale gas deposits, which Western countries will develop.

Yuzovka shale gas area in Ukraine

Yuzovka shale gas area in Ukraine

According to Germany, the reserves make 5,578 trillion cubic metres (the U.S. reserves are 8,976) Control will be from the United States.

Yuzovka shale gas area in Ukraine

Yuzovka shale gas area in Ukraine

Yuzovka shale gas field

On the border of Kharkov and Donetsk regions located the Yuzovka shale gas field. In May 2012, British-Dutch «Shell» won the competition for development. Another company, certified for development of deposits in this area is the Ukrainian gas & oil holding «Burisma», where recently son of the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden became a member of the board of directors.

Residents of Slavyansk, which is the centre of the Yuzovka field, within several past year organised protests against development of the deposit. They even planned to organise a referendum on the issue.

Ecologists concerned about consequences from hydro-fracturing used in production of shale gas. They say the chemicals used are highly poisonous and may affect not only water, but also the air. Countries like the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and France have refused from developing of shale gas deposits on their own territories.

For two years, people of Slavyansk and neighbouring towns protested against developing of shale gas. But now, ukrainian troopers encircling the future extraction area and help installing shale gas production equipment near the Slavyansk, which they bombed and shelled for the three preceding months.

To realise the meaning of such bombing and destructions, ask yourself: «Does companies Shell and Burisma need people who live on Yuzovka gas area?» Well…the less people remained, the less protests companies will have. Beside, there will be no necessity to settle any possible proprietary disputes. For three months, Ukrainian army deliberately ruined all infrastructure to force those people, who stay alive after shelling, to leave their houses. As a result, there is humanitarian catastrophe and almost 800 000 people became refugee in Russian Federation.


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