Ukraine — The revival of nazism. Part 2 (Video)

This video is highly recommended to those who think that talks about fascism and Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine is just a propaganda.

Watch and think about the following:

  1. Who supported Nazi ideology on Ukraine during 23 years of the so-called “independence”?
  2. Why it is supported now?

Double standards rule the world

The “anti-terrorist” operation of Ukrainian troops in the east of the country has led to a much more massive humanitarian catastrophe than Milosevic’s actions in Kosovo, however NATO is not in a hurry to condemn Kiev. The West is ready to forgive Poroshenko any civilian casualties if the president-oligarch will accomplish its main task – will pass the Ukraine into hands of the IMF and NATO.

In modern history, there were at least two cases where European country initiated the “anti-terrorist” operation against “separatists”.

Government of the European country “A” begins, by his own statements, the “anti-terrorist” operation against “separatists” in one of its regions. Western TV channels shows footage of artillery shelled residential buildings, and a lot of people to flee. United States, Britain and other NATO members in the strongest terms condemns the actions of the government of the country “A”, accusing him of “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” and declare that the matter is about a “humanitarian catastrophe” that requires urgent actions. Western politicians and influential journalists repeat to us about the “need to do something.” And measures are taken immediately: NATO launches “humanitarian” military intervention to stop the government “A”. Country “A” shelled and bombed for 78 days and nights. The leader of the country (who is called the “new Hitler”) imposed a formal accusation of war crimes, arrested and sent to Hague by the Royal Air Force plane, where he judged as a war criminal. There he died in his prison cell.

Government of the European country “B” begins, by his own statements, the “anti-terrorist” operation against “separatists” in one of its regions. Western TV channels do not show (or show very rarely) as artillery shelled residential buildings, and a lot of people fleeing. At this time United States, Britain and other NATO members, do not condemn the actions of the government and not accuse him of “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing.” Western politicians and influential journalists did not repeat to us about the “need to do something” to force the government of the country “B” to stop killing people. On the contrary, the same countries which supported harsh measures against the country “A”, now support an offensive military operation, which is carried out by government “B”. Leader of the country “B” is not accused of war crimes and not called as “new Hitler” – though his government has received a support of radical nationalists. On the contrary, he is generously funded.

Anyone who defends the methods of government “A” or simply questioned the dominant interpretation of the facts in the West, declared as “advocate of mass murder” or “not recognizing the genocide.” But people defending offensive military operations of the government “B” against its own people, is not subjected to any conviction.

This policy of double standards is aggravated by the fact that, from an objective point of view, the government of the country “B” behaves much worse than the authorities ‘A’ and its aggressive actions have led to a greater human suffering. If you still haven’t guessed by yourself, there’s a hint: the country “A” – Yugoslavia and the country “B” – Ukraine.

“Yugoslavia – is quite another matter.” This thesis is constantly in the Western media. In 1998-1999, the Yugoslavian authorities faced with a systematic attacks on the Yugoslav government officials. Attacks were committed by Kosovo Liberation Army, which claimed the idea of ​​separatism and enjoyed the support from the West. The Yugoslav Government has taken retaliatory actions – tried by military means to defeat the Kosovo Liberation Army. In this case, the statements of authorities that they are fighting with terrorism, Western leaders arrogantly rejected. However, according to UK defense secretary George Robertson and Foreign Minister Robin Cook, in the period from 1998 to January 1999 due to actions of the Kosovo Liberation Army died more people than of the actions of the Yugoslavian authorities.

“We must act to save thousands of innocent men, women and children from humanitarian catastrophe, from death, barbarism and ethnic cleansing by the brutal dictatorship” – said Prime Minister Tony Blair to the British Parliament with a solemn and grim face. Four years later, he said exactly the same things to the British Parliament on the need to act immediately in connection with the “threat” posed by Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.

Following the example of Tony Blair & Co, the media are actively involved in the promotion of the Kosovo events. To describe actions of the Yugoslav government in Kosovo, newspapers used the word “genocide” not less than 323 times. And only 13 times – to describe the invasion to Iraq and its next occupation, though the number of killed in the second case exceed the number of victims in Kosovo in 250 times!

They thought we will forget how on the eve of the invasion to Iraq in 2003, Western politicians and their puppet media claimed about weapons of mass destruction in Baghdad. They think we also forget about the ridiculous statements heard in 1999 in the issue of Kosovo.

Falsehood, which Clinton and Blair resorted to prepare public opinion for the illegal, unprovoked attack on one of the countries in Europe, was not less massive than the lie of Bush and Blair.

The total number of victims of the conflict in Kosovo, according to various estimates, from three to four thousand people. However, this figure includes the loss of the Yugoslav army as well as Serbs, Roma and Albanians killed by the Kosovo Liberation Army. In 2013, the International Committee of the Red Cross has published a list of 1,754 people, whose relatives reported about their disappearance. The list includes representatives of all ethnic groups living in Kosovo.

Like the mythical Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the figures announced by the governments of the USA and the UK and caught up by journalists, were just a fiction. The same fiction as Serb’s “rape camps” or statements of Clinton and Blair that NATO never intentionally bombed civilians.

“What is happening in Ukraine, does not deserve too much attention…” This thesis is also supported by the Western media. The number of killed in Ukraine by the government forces and their supporters deliberately understate. Although the figures provided by the UN, clearly show that the “anti-terrorist” operation of the Ukrainian government carried out at the cost of lives of thousands of civilians.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights stated that over the past two weeks the number of victims of the conflict in eastern Ukraine has doubled. UN stated that, “by the most conservative estimates” total number of killed is about 2,086 people, wounded – 5000. Every day the war zone leaves a few thousands of refugees and almost 1 million has already left the region to Russian Federation. But, despite this significant figures, from leading Western politicians there were no calls for “urgent actions” for stopping of offensive of the Ukrainian government troops. And pseudo-defenders of human rights at this time didn’t write articles with the requirements “to do something” to stop the obvious humanitarian catastrophe on the east of Ukraine. Though the humanitarian situation on the east of Ukraine is worse than in Kosovo in March 1999.

To crown it all, obvious efforts applied to prevent the Russian humanitarian convoy to get to Ukraine. As it declared to us, this convoy “raises many questions” and may be a part of a sinister Russian’s plan to invade in the territory of a sovereign state.

And this is said by the same people who 15 years ago supported the NATO bombing campaign of the sovereign state because of “humanitarian” reasons! 

For these Western “humanists” who encourage actions of the Ukrainian government, the citizens of eastern Ukraine – “subhuman”: they do not deserve support, compassion and humanitarian aid, because they personally guilty in all their troubles. 

Yet another Russian’s imaginary invasion to Ukraine (Fake)

During the last days there were a lot of hullabaloo about another invasion of the Russian’s column of military armoured vehicles which crossed Ukrainian border in Novoazovsk checkpoint.

According to CNN, life in Novoazovsk, which recently militia recaptured from Ukrainian army, goes in it’s usual way and the city looks peaceful.

According to correspondent of the channel, the presence of the Russian army is not seen there.

So were there tanks or not? Did Russia really entered their military forces to Ukraine?

In fact, tanks in Novoazovsk really were, but … it belongs to army of militia, which came to Novazovsk in result of offensive, which militia has taken in recent days on south direction. And it doesn’t count in tens or hundreds, as it asserted, but only a couple of pieces.

Dear Barak Obama, Anders Fogh Rasmussen and David Cameron!

Next time when you decide to scare the world by Russian’s invasion once again, please try to be more convincing and provide more reliable evidences than just idle talk. Honestly, your prate begins not only annoy, but also irritate.

novoazovsk_1 novoazovsk_2

Human Rights Watch: Ukrainian military forces violate international norms

Ukrainian army uses in eastern Ukraine missile systems “Grad” in the places where people live, and it is contradicted to international law, said the deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s in Europe and Central Asia Rachel Denber.

Since April Kiev’s authorities carry out military operation on the east of Ukraine against the supporters of self-determination. According to the UN, the victims of the conflict in Ukraine in mid-April to August 27, became almost 2.6 thousand people.

Shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian military forces (VIDEO 21+)

Everyday, Ukrainian military forces based in Donetsk airport, shell on residential blocks of the city. Results of such shelling you can see on the video below (not recommend for people under 21 and pregnant)

In the car has burned a family of three people (farther, mother and their child) A man, who was walking on pavement, lost his leg.

Please pay attention on people in camouflage! This is militia whom officials in Kiev and Washington name as terrorists or Russians invaders.

Isn’t it strange that «terrorists» are trying to relieve those people whom they terrorize a few minutes ago?

How it can be that terrorists shelling the city where they live by themselves?

I don’t know how stupid people must be to believe in bullshit which Kiev and Washington try to persuade rest of the world.

I think those must be called as terrorists who really terrorize people and kill them, but not who protect them and relieve. Unfortunately, Kiev will never accept that Ukrainian military forces are the real terrorists. Moreover, Ukrainian servicemen are sincerely believe they protect their country from Russian invaders. Of course! They’ve been told about that on TV, and they believe this is true… until the moment when they get in captivity and meet with the local people whom they terrorize for a few months.

P.S. On the second video captives of the Ukrainian army and National Guard brought to the city to show them results of their shelling. No comments, just watch the reaction of the local people whom they terrorize for several months.

French edition AgoraVox — Kiev unleashed ​​a genocide of his own people with the blessing of the West

genocide in Ukraine

People in Donetsk use basements as bombshelter to protect themselves from shelling by Ukrainian military forces.

The war, which Ukrainian government is waging in the east of the country, cannot be named other than genocide, says AgoraVox. According to the French edition, it’s all carried out with «the blessing of the international community in the name of democracy»

While thousands of civilians lose their lives in the east of Ukraine, the West keep silence, but outraged when a hundred of people were killed on Maidan in Kiev.

Fascist Ukrainian government has unleashed a genocidal war against its own Russian-speaking population, writes AgoraVox.

A few months ago, all the «so-called international community» unanimously accused the former president of Ukraine that snipers fired on their own people on the Maidan, and before that justified a military coup, which was carried out with the help of Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups.

Hundred of victims served as a pretext for the coup, which was led from Western capitals to set up a junta that will obey the orders of Washington. There was no investigation conducted to find those guilty and to condemn them.

French edition resent that the anger in the West about the hundred of casualties on Maidan changed to indifference about three thousand civilians died in the east of Ukraine. On August 11, the spokesman of the USA State Department Marie Harf on a reporter’s question about victims among civilians replied: «I have no sympathy for the separatists»

What is happening in eastern Ukraine, in other words as a genocide cannot be named, says the publication. All military of Ukraine, including the Nazi battalions, as well as private military companies of various Western countries run by Western military advisers, are trying to destroy the industrial Donbass and its people.

Several hundred of thousands of civilians had taken refuge in Russia, but around two million people still remain in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic. They have no water, medicine, food, and they are shelled and bombed twenty-four-hours.

P.S. In fact, the number of refugees asked for asylum in Russia till that moment has reached almost 1 million people.